• Energy Management Controls System EMS (Building Automation System)


    The Energy Management System (EMS) controls the district's air conditioning and heating systems.  The EMS allows the district to start and stop the HVAC systems through time scheduling.


    HVAC Set Point Adjustments


    HVAC Set Point Adjustments have been established to maintain the comfort level of occupants while managing the buildings energy consumption.


    The approved setpoints are as follows:

    1. Cooling Occupied Set Points: 71°F to 75°F
    2. Cooling Unoccupied / After Hours Set Point 80°F
    3. Heating Occupied Set Points: 67°F - 71° F
    4. Heating Unoccupied / After Hours Set Point: 60°F 



    Thermostat Information


    1. Thermostats have a two point adjustment from the set point. 
    2. The adjustment may be two degrees up or two degrees down from the set point.
    3. Example:  Set point is 73°F - 2°F = 71°F 
    4. Thermostats have the capability to override the system for 1 hour after hours. 


    Types of Thermostats with Information

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    Thermostat Alerton

    Thermostat STR250 TAC

    Thermostat SSTAT

    Thermostat ISTAT