Daily Expectations

  • For our digital learners, technology devices are like any other school supply.

    • Being prepared for class means bringing your device to school each day and having it fully charged.


    • Students are expected to take care of their device, protecting it from intentional damage.  It is not suggested that students lend their device to another student.


    • Students are expected to keep track of all components throughout the school year.  Students will be responsible for returning them at the end of the year.

Chromebooks (Grades 4th - 8th)

  • What You Will Receive:


    • Either a Dell or HP Chromebook 11"
    • Charging cord (two cables plugged together)
    • Plastic shell
    • Soft carrying bag


    Chromebooks operate different than a typical laptop.  Rather than using installed software to complete tasks, a Chromebook utilizes tools that are completely web-based and requires no installation.  

    1. Students will login to their Chromebook using their "@leisdstudent.ws" LEISD Google account.  
    2. Once logged in, students immediately have access to all parts of their LEISD Google account.  This includes their LEISD Gmail account (access is restricted at varying grade levels) and Google Drive and its components.
    3. Online instructional tools will be used for student learning activities in and out of the classroom setting.


    Restrictions are in place to limit students' access to some communication tools commonly found on a Chromebook or in a Google account.  

MacBooks (Grades 9th - 12th)

  • What You Will Receive:

    • Apple MacBook Air 13"
    • Charging cord (two cables plugged together with a "duckhead" power adapter included)
    • Plastic shell
    • Soft carrying bag


    Commonly-used instructional software will be preloaded on each student laptop.  Students may also access "Self Service" to install additional software from the district.