Standard LEISD Classroom Technology

  • Every classroom in LEISD is equipped with a projector and document camera.  Teachers are assigned a laptop that they connect to the classroom projector.  All LEISD campuses are outfitted with Internet and wireless connectivity.  However, the types of additional technology available varies from school to school.

Elementary Schools

  • For the 2020-2021 school year, all LEISD classrooms with students in Pre-K through 3rd grades will have one Chromebook for each student and a cart to store and charge the devices. Students will use these devices in the classroom during the day for online learning activities.  Should students have to switch to temporary At-Home Learning due to a classroom or school closure for COVID-19-related concerns, students will take home a Chromebook and charger from their classroom cart to be used for online learning during the closure.

    Fourth Grade and Fifth Grade students participate in the 1:1 Student Laptop Program and therefore each will have their own Chromebook to use in the classroom.


    • Most elementary schools have one computer lab with up to 30 PC computers installed.  
    • Most Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade classrooms have 5 iPads. 
    • There is one cart of 30 Chromebooks per campus available for Third Grade classrooms to utilize.
    • There are a variety of combinations of handheld devices such as iPads, E-readers, Nooks, Kindles, and Classroom Response Systems scattered throughout the school for student use. This number is ever changing due to grants, PTA sponsorship and campus preferences. 

Middle School (Grades 6-8)

High School

  • The LEISD Student Laptop Program provides all high school students with a laptop computer.  For the 2020-2021 school year:

    • 9th graders will continue to use the Chromebook they kept from 8th grade
    • 10th through 12th grade students will continue to use the Macbook they kept from the 2021-2020 school year.

    Click here to find out more information about our Student Laptop Program.