Technology Professional Learning

  • Little Elm ISD is a destination district for teachers and students who wish to engage in exciting, future-ready instruction.  The LEISD Digital Learning Team supports the district's teachers and staff in accomplishing our mission to ENGAGE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER each student to realize their full potential.  

    LEISD Digital Learning Facilitators:

    • Provide coaching and guidance to teachers wishing to enhance their students' digital learning opportunities.
    • Assist teachers in developing lessons and instructional activities that incorporate digital learning
    • Collaborate with the Curriculum and Learning department to infuse elements of digital learning throughout our curriculum
    • Provide Professional Learning opportunities to teachers on the use of technology based instructional strategies in the classroom.
    • Support campus and district leaders wishing to utilize digital learning strategies
    • Train district staff on software and technology equipment

    3 steps toward technology integration for developing digital assessments or lessons

     Credit: D. Rich and Dr. T. Tipton 

    When working with teachers to develop digital assignments or lessons that integrate technology, our Digital Learning Facilitators:

    1. Identify the content and TEKS that students will be learning
    2. Consider instructional strategies to teach that content
    3. Integrate technology tools that will help students achieve the learning goals of the lesson.

    Overall, we are aiming for seamless integration of technology to enhance students' mastery of the learning goals.

Digital Learning Standards

  • The LEISD Digital Learning Team uses technology standards outlined by the state of Texas and ISTE to make certain that students, teachers, and librarians gain and apply critical 21st Century digital knowledge and skills through their learning opportunities.

    When working with teachers, we also follow the specific content area TEKS to ensure that lessons and activities are content-rich and aligned with the standard curriculum.

    In addition to supporting LEISD's focus on the Rigor & Relevance Framework, we utilize the following digital learning models and philosophies in our work:

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