Digital Learning Badges

  • The goal of the Little Elm ISD Digital Learning Team is to provide professional learning opportunities that are available anywhere, anytime, and personalized to meet YOUR specific needs!  You get to decide what you want to learn, when you want to learn it, and what learning platform you prefer.

    The Digital Learning Badge program is a flexible learning platform where you can learn, experiment, grow, and be challenged in a way that is sustainable.  It is our hope this will better prepare you to leverage the potential of digital learning tools and ultimately improve learning outcomes.  We want to equip you with the skills you need so you feel confident and empowered to master the digital age skills embodied in the ISTE standards for Teachers.  

    Most importantly, we know that the tool is not what is important, it is how the tool used to enhance learning that will make the difference for our students. That is ultimately our goal: To build capacity so the digital tools can truly make our students' learning experiences more rigorous, more relevant, and more engaging in a way that will challenge them to be the best they can be 

    Why badges? It's simple - Badges are a way to recognize our educators for being lifelong learners.  You not only get to show all of your fellow teachers how many badges you've earned, but you will be identified as someone who know is knowledgeable in that skill or tool and can assist others in learning. 

    Once you complete your first badge, you will receive a badge plate that you can hang up in your classroom.  As you complete each course, you will receive a badge that you can attach to your badge plate.

How Do I Get Started?

  • To get started, go to our Digital Learning Badges website to explore which badge course you'd like to begin.

    Once you select the specific badge you want to work on, you will be redirected to LEISD's Canvas system.  You will be asked to enroll in the Canvas course for that badge.

    All of your coursework for the badge will be done through that Canvas course.

    You can return to your badge course in Canvas by:

    • Going to LEISD's Canvas system
    • Open your Dashboard (from the left sidebar)
    • Click on your badge course listed to the right

    Click here to go to the Digital Learning Badges website.

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    We are currently offering over 35 total badges.  General topics include:

    • Google Apps
    • Learning Management Systems (Canvas, Edmodo, Google Classroom)
    • iPads for Learning
    • Digital Formative Assessments
    • Digital Tools
    • Digital Creation
    • Communication
    • Professional Learning Network
    • MacBook