•  Logo for LEISD Instructional Technology Action Team

    InTAcT (Instructional Technology Action Team) is LEISD's campus-based technology support program that encourages peer-to-peer support and training.  InTAcT members are selected from applications submitted at the beginning of each school year.

    • Members provide just-in-time support as their schedules allow and support other digital learning initiatives such as Digital Citizenship Week and Hour of Code
    • Members participate in monthly virtual meetings with the Technology Department to get an update on activities and actions happening within the department that affects campus staff members.
    • The InTAcT team will also recruit new volunteer campus members who are interested in leading and supporting their co-workers.
      • Being a technology expert is not necessary.

    The InTAcT program continues to grow and expand in its scope and action.  Feel free to contact the Digital Learning Team at DLF@littleelmisd.net if you have any questions.