Digital Learning Equipment Donations

  • With the increased involvement of parent organizations like the PTA and booster clubs, and the use of donation sites like, the following procedures around requesting and accepting donations are hereby implemented. Established board policy on donations make some very clear rules on how we handle donations, and it is imperative that Little Elm ISD adheres to Board Policy consistently when accepting donations. We must follow board policy regarding any and all donations.

    The goal of updating these procedures is NOT to make it more difficult for teachers to request and accept donations. Quite the opposite, we want to streamline the process for teachers, guide them through the process. We want to train them and encourage them to reach out for donations. We want to offer Professional Learning on using sites like Donor’s Choose to encourage creativity and innovative thinking, and to create engaging learning experiences for every LEISD student. We also want to increase parent involvement and give them an opportunity to partner with our teachers and our district to help us achieve our goals.

    Please contact the Digital Learning Team at to help guide you through the process.


Board Policy

  • LEISD Board Policy CDC(LOCAL) sets clear ground rules regarding donations and gifts to schools.  In general:

    1. All donations are the property of the district. (not the teacher or the campus)

    2. All donations should “contribute positively to the education, comfort, or welfare of district students and/or staff.” And “have purposes consistent with those of the District.”

    3. Any donation valued at or above $2,500 has to be approved by the board before it is accepted by the district.

    4. Any donation valued less than $2,500 has to be approved before it is accepted by the Superintendent, and reported to the board each month.

    Click here to view the entire Board Policy CDC(LOCAL).


  •  In order to strictly adhere to board policy and streamline this process, the following procedures are adopted district-wide.

    • Before requesting a donation, the Donation Request Form should be filled out by the staff member.
      • The form includes the following fields:
        • Materials or funds being requested
        • Purpose of donation
        • Monetary Value in USD
        • Instructional Goals
        • Standards that would be covered by the material
        • Method of donation (donor’s choose, PTA, Booster club, other)
      • The donation will need to be approved by the campus administrator and the Director of Technology, Digital Learning, & Media Services. If the requested donation doesn’t line up with the district goals, an alternative would be discussed, usually in person.
    • Once the donation request is approved, the donation can move forward. The teacher can receive the donation from the parent organization, or post the project on Donor’s Choose.
    • If the donation is received, the teacher must notify the Director of Technology, Digital Learning, & Media Services before implementing it. Donations valued under $2,500 can be immediately approved by the superintendent and then used. The superintendent is responsible for reporting all donations of this nature to the board each month.
    • Donations over $2,500 must be approved and accepted by the board before being used by the teacher.
    • Sites like Donor’s Choose also have specific requirements for the teachers and principals. Including Thank You letters to donors and sometime project photographs. ALL such requirements must be followed.
    • With the exception of consumables (field trips, workbooks, paint, etc.) all donated items must be inventoried by the district using our district resource manager.
    • If the teacher leaves the district, all donations will remain with the district, and be re-deployed according to the district and student needs.
    • When the donated equipment reaches effective end of life, the equipment will be disposed of according to district procedures.
    Please contact the Digital Learning Team to help guide you through the process.
  • Updated: Fall 2016