Tips for Parents

  • LEISD students are encouraged to use their laptops at school and at home for educational purposes.  While their internet content will remain filtered, one of the best ways to manage your student's device use and online safety habits is for a trusted adult to be active and involved with them.  Here's some tips to get you started:

    • Discuss the websites your student visits
    • Know your student’s login information
      • Let them know it's okay to share this with you or a teacher but should never be shared with anyone else.
    • Charge the device in a family room
    • Ensure the device stays in its case
    • Ask how the device is used at school each day


    Topics like Digital Citizenship, Digital Footprint, Cyber Safety, etc. are of the highest importance in keeping our students protected and safe online.  Some of the websites below can provide parents with valuable resources, information, and insight into these areas.