Who can send an eFlyer

  • Organizations that fall under one of the following seven categories can distribute material through the district, once they receive the required approval (Fees may apply. See Little Elm ISD Flyer Guidelines):
    1. Little Elm ISD organizations affiliates, including:
      1. Parent Teacher Associations & Parent Teacher Student Organizations
      2. Little Elm ISD Education Foundation
      3. Booster Clubs of LEISD
      4. Campus parent clubs, such as “Watch D.O.G.S.”
    2. LEAYSA
    3. The local governments of: Town of Little Elm, Frisco, Hackberry, Lakewood Village, Oak Point, and The Colony 
    4. Local Chambers of Commerce in each municipality
    5. University/College academic partnerships (approved by the Curriculum Dept.)
    6. Entities under contractual agreements with the District
    7. Non-profit, enrichment programs for school-age children (i.e. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and etc.)
    8. Organizations working in coordination with schools for events that raise money for the campuses (i.e. Spirit Night events).
    9. Information from for-profit businesses that want to advertise programs that extend District academic learning.
    The approval process upholds all guidelines dictated in the Little Elm ISD policy GKDA (Local). All organizations must seek approval from the Communications and Community Relations Office for distribution of their material; nevertheless, the requests will only be granted if they meet one of the guidelines listed above.
    Little Elm ISD’s Communications and Community Relations Office maintains the right to deny any distribution request at any time, including requests from organizations that meet the outlined guidelines.
    The following materials will NOT be approved for distribution:
    • Information pertaining to a specified portion of the district population such as religious groups, political groups, special interest groups, etc.
    • Information from non-profit organizations pertaining to fundraisers that do not directly benefit Little Elm ISD 
    • Material that is obscene, vulgar or inappropriate for children
    • Material that promotes activities, goods, or services related to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, firearms or weapons
    • Material that advocates violence, illegal, or dangerous activities
    • Material that contains defamatory statements
    • Hate literature
    • Material that would interfere with school activities or the rights of others