• Please remember that art can be messy!

    Wear appropriate clothing on art days!


    Art Work Return Policy

    Some artwork will be held by the teacher for display, art shows, contests and evaluative comparison. All works will be returned by the end of the year.


    Art Work Permissions

    Some contests require parent permission for participation. If permissions are required you will receive the necessary paperwork in your child’s Tuesday Folder.  If you have more than one child attending school at Oak Point you will need a permission slip for EACH CHILD and EACH ENTRY!


    Core of Beliefs

    I believe that in order to understand and interpret art you must develop a knowledge of other cultures.  Sometimes messages interpreted from artwork include a religious or political theme. Some contain messages of a controversial nature.  Images shown in class will be previewed and will be appropriate for the age of the student.  I would LOVE to recommend specific museum sites for virtual field trips, however I can not control the content of what a museum posts. Postings may include human figure, graphic or disturbing images.

    Media Used

    All classes will use a variety of media. This includes:

    #2 pencils

    Ebony pencils

    Colored pencils

    washable markers

    permanent markers

    pallet & tube watercolors

    tempera paint

    modeling clay

    air dry clay

    oil pastels


    scratch art

    printmaking ink

    materials for sculpture (3-D) such as yarn, cardboard, wire, plastic & wood