• Level 1 Educators: Educators who have learned the fundamentals of using Google tools in the classroom. The Level 1 certification validates standard technology implementation skills.


    Level 2 Educators: Educators who are super users and enthusiasts of Google tools in the classroom. The Level 2 certification validates advanced technology integration skills.

  • These teachers are some of the first at their school to embrace Nearpod. That’s evidence of their passion for learning and dedication to student-centered strategies. Digital Learning Services is proud to recognize these teachers as a Nearpod Pioneers.

  • Seesaw Pioneer: Every Seesaw educator is invited to join the Pioneer community. Seesaw Pioneers gain ideas and inspiration from experts in the Seesaw community and grow alongside others.


    Seesaw Ambassador: After the teacher has journeyed as a Seesaw Pioneer for 6 months, they can qualify to become a Seesaw Ambassador. Seesaw Ambassadors are personally invited into the community and are Seesaw experts who are eager to connect, teach, and lead others.