Lobo Welcome Week

  • Lobo Welcome Week

    Please read about the Little Elm ISD Lobo Welcome Week Traditions

    All Teachers and instructional professionals new to Little Elm ISD must attend Lobo Welcome Week and participate in Orientation sessions where they are introduced to the district mission, vision, and instructional cornerstones or role specific expectations. 

    Teachers and instructional professionals who are hired after Lobo Welcome Week will have opportunities to attend online and face-to-face learning events geared towards New Hires throughout the year, or the following school year, depending on hire date.  Active participation in New Hire and orientation activities is mandatory and failure to do so could affect future employment in the District.

    During Lobo Welcome Week, new famiLE members take part in a number of collaborative events that have become traditions in Little Elm. Despite the changes we undergo regularly in education, and especially in light of today's current realities, traditions are more important than ever. 

    Welcome Week Participants 

    All newly hired full-time instructional professionals must attend Lobo Welcome Week to fulfill induction requirements. 
    Employees who were hired during the 2021-2022 school year but after Lobo Welcome Week (July 26th-30th, 2021) attend Welcome Week 2022 based on their official start date.
    If your official start date falls between August 2021 and December 2021, you will attend Days 2-5 of Welcome Week 2022, July 26th-July 29, 2022.
    If your official start date is after January 1st, 2022, attend Days 1-5 of Welcome Week 2022, July 25th-July 29, 2022.
    Full-time instructional professionals returning to the district within 3 years of leaving are required to attend Days 2-5, July 26th-July 29, 2022. 
    If you know you will miss one or more days due to a conflict, please contact your direct supervisor and cc Amanda Ball (aball@littleelmisd.net). Participants who miss required sessions will be asked to complete alternative tasks and/or additional professional learning. In some cases, the employee could be required to attend part or all of Welcome Week the following school year. 

    Have questions? Read emails from Amanda Ball (aball@littleelmisd.net) & reach out to your supervisor for clarification about locations, attendance, and participation requirements.