Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if my student needs to drive two different vehicles to school?

    Students will need to purchase a parking permit for each vehicle they will be driving to campus on a regular basis. In a temporary situation, such as the student’s car will be in the repair shop for a few days, students can go to the ticket booth and check out a temporary parking permit. There is no cost for a temporary permit and the permit will need to be returned to the ticket booth. A replacement fee will be assessed if the student fails to return a temporary parking permit for any reason.


    What if I purchase a new vehicle? Will my student have to pay full price for another parking permit?

    No, students can purchase a replacement parking sticker for a reduced fee. NOTE: Students will need to return their original parking sticker in order to receive the reduced price. If the student is not able to return the parking sticker for any reason, a new parking permit will need to be purchased at full price.


    What if my student has to drive a temporary vehicle due to unforeseen circumstances? Will my student have to purchase a temporary permit?

    We do have temporary parking permits for our students to check out for a short period of time. Students will need to go to the ticket booth to fill out a temporary permit application so that we have the proper information regarding the vehicle the student will temporarily be driving. If the student fails to turn in the temporary permit on time, they will be charged the replacement fee.


    Is there a payment plan available?

    Generally, we are not able to make payment arrangements. Students may speak to the bookkeeper for specific needs.