Regulation & Fees

  • Students will need to visit their house office before or after school once they have completed the online parking application. They will need to provide proof of current auto insurance that lists the student's car, present their driver's license to verify expiration date and make a payment (if not made online).


    Students will only be given their parking permits once Little Elm High School has received the following:

    • Online application
    • Driver's License - to verify expiration date
    • Proof of current insurance (student's car must be listed)
    • Payment


    By purchasing a parking permit, the student assumes the responsibility of driving a vehicle on campus and will abide by the following Little Elm High School Policy:

    Student Agrees to:

    • Purchase a parking permit for each vehicle I will be driving to campus on a regular basis.
    • Check out a temporary parking permit for any vehicle I will be driving to campus on a temporary basis.
    • Maintain the speed limit of 5 MPH or below while on school grounds.
    • Refrain from loitering in the parking lot.
    • Be responsible for my car, its contents, and its use
    • Be responsible if a passenger or a driver of my car breaks this agreement even if I am not in the car at the time of the infraction.
    • Park my car in an orderly manner in the designated STUDENT parking lot.
    • Allow my vehicle to be searched in the event such a search is deemed necessary by school personnel or district contracted services.
    • Be currently licensed to drive in the State of Texas and have a current auto insurance policy.
    • Provide all motor vehicle information requested by school personnel.
    • Obtain a parking permit from the office for each car brought on campus and display properly.
    • Have received decal application instructions and understand that the parking permit will be placed above the registration sticker on the driver's side of the vehicle.


    Student understands that failure to follow these rules will result in one or more of the following consequences:

    • Verbal and/or written warning
    • Boot on a vehicle and/or fine
    • Loss of driving privileges on the LEHS campus
    • Vehicle being towed at owner's expense