Accessing the Internet at Home (2018-2019)

  • In the Summer 2018 upgrades were made to the Little Elm ISD computing network and equipment.  These upgrades included a new internet filtering system, which is what protects students during their use of the internet while using school equipment or LEISD wifi.


    Students remain safe and secure through this new internet filter while at school, but by default they are only able to access the most basic and necessary websites while at home (Gmail, Google, and Edgenuity / e2020). 


    In order for students to be able to access the wider internet while away from school (more than just Gmail, Google, and Edgenuity / e2020), they will need to complete one short series of tasks on their LEISD Chromebook or Macbook.  These steps can be done at school or at home.


    After completing these tasks students will still be fully protected by the LEISD internet filter, whether they are connected to the internet at school or at home.  But they will now be able to access more than just three basic websites, which will be necessary to participate in activities and lessons throughout the school year.