Aspiring Leaders Institutes

  • Little Elm ISD’s internal leadership program, Aspiring Leaders Institute or ALI, was founded by Dr. Lowell Strike in 2015. The inaugural class, as well as the following two cohorts of ALI, were facilitated by Dr. Strike. ALI II was designed and facilitated by Daniel Gallagher, now Superintendent of Schools and Deputy Superintendent Ross Roberts a year later. Over the years this program has evolved into a robust leadership institute that has graduated over 150 LEISD educators.

    ALI is now facilitated by Deputy Superintendent Ross Roberts, Dr. Tony Tipton, Executive Director of Innovation, and Amanda Ball, Director for Professional Learning & Advanced Academics.

    This program is not limited to classroom teachers or those who aspire to be administrators. ALI is open to any LEISD employee who meets the application criteria and is interested in professional growth, leadership, and making a positive impact on student outcomes. Ideas explored include Organizational Leadership, Capacity Building, being a Learner and Visionary, and working as a Systems Thinker and Architect.

    Intentionally Develop Leaders
    Support the Development of Strong Educational Leadership
    Develop & Enhance Instructional Leadership so as to Impact Adult & Student Success 

    Collaborative Discussion Protocols
    Book Centered Studies
    Immediate Application of New Learning
    Become a Learning Leader on Campus & 
    Solve Problems through Research-based Action