Aspiring Leaders Institutes

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    Aspiring Leaders Institute (ALI) is an internal leadership program founded in 2015 with the purpose of improving student learning and organizational health in LEISD. ALI is open to all Lobo professionals interested in professional growth, leadership, and making a positive impact on student outcomes. 

    Aspiring Leaders Institute has been fully redesigned to meet the changing needs of today’s educational leaders. Fulfill your ambitions, make an impact, and reach your fullest potential by taking part in the new ALI 20 with Little Elm ISD.  

    ALI Offers

    • Goal Setting
    • Safe Space to Grow
    • Experiential Learning
    • Personalized Coaching
    • Ongoing Support
    • Professional Learning Network with ALI Alumni Community 

    Program Benefits

    • Clarify your goals
    • Learn about yourself as an individual and as a team member
    • Discover your leadership style and develop your personal leadership brand
    • Build, deepen, and strengthen relationships
    • Learn how to influence with and without authority 
    • Provide, receive, and act on feedback

    Program Goals

    To design a culture of excellence in Little Elm ISD that intentionally and consistently develops leaders who work to ENGAGE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER each famiLE member to realize her or his full potential.

    To support the development of strong leadership in Little Elm Independent School District.

    To develop and enhance leadership to improve adult and student learning, our organizational health and overall effectiveness, and to enhance the learning experience for each member of Little Elm ISD.

    Application Open! Next Cohort begins soon