• Teacher Mentor

    "Mentoring is a long term relationship that meets a developmental need, helps develop full potential, and benefits all partners, mentor, mentee and the organization." -Suzanne Faure

Program Goals

  • TO engage each employee in meaningful learning experiences that support student success.
    TO recruit, recognize, and retain high quality, effective personnel to support student success at every level.

Program Structure

  • Mentoring plays a critical role in continually improving the professional knowledge and skills that teachers need to instruct and prepare students for an unpredictable future. Having a mentor can be the support novice teachers need to stay confident and remain in the profession. The Mission of Little Elm ISD teacher mentoring program is to provide that essential support for teachers new to LEISD and new to the profession of teaching. 

    All instructional professionals new to the profession shall be provided a mentor and successfully complete the district Teacher Mentoring Program.  Beginning educators, teachers or other professionals entering their first or second year in the classroom/role, shall be provided a mentor and successfully complete a District two-three year mentoring program. Program related professional learning is designed to meet the unique needs of beginning teachers new to Little Elm ISD. 

    Veteran educators new to the district will be provided a campus support partner for one year to assist them with acclimation to a new district.

    Want to learn more about the Teacher Mentoring Program? Read how LEISD supports new teachers and mentors.
    Overview of Mentoring Program

    Mentoring Program Applications for the 2020-2021 school year are due by July 2, 2020.
    LEISD Mentor Application