• New Teacher University Mentoring Program

Statement of Purpose

  • The purpose of the Teacher Mentor Program at Little Elm ISD is to help fulfill the District’s goal of Recruitment, Retention, and Engagement.

    Little Elm ISD will commit to engage in recruitment and retention practices which will ensure each employee is well-matched to expectations of their role and the District’s Core Values.

    The mentoring program will provide new to district teachers the assistance necessary to begin a successful teaching career through a mentoring relationship during their first three years of employment in Little Elm Independent School District (LEISD). After the third year, the mentee teacher may be selected as a mentor teacher. The program will assist zero year teachers and teachers new to the district in deeper understanding of teaching techniques, procedures, requirements, and expectations for their specific grade level or subject area assignment.

Program Overview

  • All teachers who have zero to three years of experience will participate in the mentoring program for three years. All educators new to the district will be assigned a mentor for the first year of employment with the district. Additionally, any teacher who is recommended by a principal will participate in the program during the school year for which they are recommended.