Plan Ahead for a Successful Trip!

  • Before the trip

    Plan ahead to ensure that all deadlines are met.

    Obtain a Travel Request Form.

    Review Travel Guidelines.

    Obtain copy of training/conference brochure and information to verify registration fees and deadlines.

    Use for the specified lodging rate if your event location does not have designated lodging.

    Attach any other necessary information for trip (i.e. registration info, lodging confirmation, estimated expenses, etc.).

    Get the necessary approvals. Immediate supervisor must review and sign the Travel Request Form.

    Submit requisition in ASCENDER and attach signed Travel Request Form along with other documentation.


    During the Trip

    Document travel departure/return dates and time.

    Use odometer reading or obtain a map of mileage (i.e. Google Maps) for any mileage applicable if receiving a reimbursement.

    Obtain original, detailed, itemized receipts for all travel expenses.

    No receipts required if meals are covered by the District per Diem (does not include meals provided in registration fees or by the hotel).

    Receipts are required for lodging, taxi, shuttle, rental car, parking, tolls, etc.


    After the Trip

    Complete The Travel Expense Form within 10 days of the conclusion of the trip. 

    Attach itemized lodging receipt (Texas state taxes/hotel occupancy tax will not be reimbursed or allowed).

    Indicate if any meal per diems were used (no receipts required). For reimbursement, do not include meals included with registration fees and meals provided by the hotel.

    Attach registration receipt, if applicable.

    Attach parking, tolls, and transportation expense receipts, if any.

    Attach any other miscellaneous expenses and receipts required.

    Travel expenditures shall not exceed the maximum travel limits/what was approved on the travel request form.


    NOTE: Expenses paid by personal credit card must have the itemized receipt.

    Immediate supervisor must review and sign the Travel Expense Form.

    Submit the completed/signed Travel Expense Form to Business Services for reconciliation and/or reimbursement.

    Reimbursements for travel and related expenses will not occur until after the approved trip has taken place (unless approved travel advance is provided).

    Any amounts owed to the District shall be returned to the District within 10 days after conclusion of the trip.



    Sales Tax Exemption

    Texas Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption