Travel Expenses

  • The documentation for travel expenses is a two-part process: encumbrance (Travel Request Form) followed by reconciliation (Travel Expense Form). Travel should be submitted in ASCENDER at least two to three weeks prior to date of travel (meeting, event, conference, workshop, athletic event, etc.). A completed Travel Request Form should be attached to requisitions in ASCENDER along with other supporting documentation at least two to three weeks before date of travel. All Travel Request Forms must have the approval of the immediate supervisor before the trip takes place and a PO is issued, if applicable. After the trip, submit a completed Travel Expense Form and receipts to Business Services for trip settlements and reimbursements (if applicable).

    LEISD Travel Guidelines and Procedures (Under Construction)

    *Federally funded travel needs approval at least one month prior to date of travel. Please contact Penny Tramel for questions and information.