District Safety & Security Committee

  • The purpose of the District Safety & Security Committee is to provide safety and security in all district facilities by:

    • Developing and implementing emergency plans consistent with the District's Multi-Hazard Emergency Operations Plan (MHEOP)
    • Provides the District with any campus, facility, or support services information required in connection with a safety and security audit
    • Reviewing each report that must be submitted by the District to the TXSSC

2022-2023 Safety and Security Committee

  • Little Elm Police Department
    Rodney Harrison- Police Chief
    Brad Wilcox-  Police Captain

    The Colony Police Department
    Ryan Shipp- Student Resource Office Sargent

    City of Oak Point
    Douglas Tatu- Director of Public Safety
    Shannon Roach- Fire Chief

    Little Elm I.S.D. Student Resource Officers
    Cory Dye- Little Elm Police Department Student Resource Officer Sargent
    Cliff Hollifield- Little Elm High School Student Resource Officer
    Trung Pham- Little Elm High School Student Resource Officer
    JP Alexander- Strike Middle School Student Resource Officer

    Little Elm I.S.D
    Jason Olsen- School Board President
    David Montemayor- School Board Member
    Ross Roberts- Deputy Superintendent
    Clint Miller-Director for Safety and Student Services
    Kendra Vogt- Director for Child Nutrition
    Alfred Gaches- Executive Director for Operations
    Michael Young- Athletic Director
    Shay Adams- Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance
    Bill Bush- Strike Middle School Principal
    Toni Nelson- Coordinator of Health Services
    Denise Jensen- Director for Counseling Services
    Cecelia Jones- Director for Communications
    Jennifer Culver- Science Coordinator
    Clifton Helus- Teacher
    JW Barrett- Director for Transportation

    Parent of Enrolled Student
    Joseph Florentino 

Campus Safety Teams

  • Campus safety teams will be developed by the principal of each campus to meet the unique needs of their schools and like the District commnittee meet at least twice