• At the root of everything that happens with our students, it is about great adults who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of children. Teachers, and even other staff members, who invest more time and energy, do it because they want students to have a great experience as they learn. Our District is full of people like this, and administration is making sure these exceptional Lobo family members are recognized.  

  • Alma Rutledge
    May 2022

    Toni Nelson
    April 2022

    Suzanne Harlow
    August 2021

    Dr. Cyndy Mika
    January 2021

    Marisa Flores
    January 2021

    Bill Bush
    December 2019

    Chef Kristine Sanborn
    February 2019

    Amanda Ball
    March 2018

    Dr. Tony Tipton
    February 2018

    Kelley Carr
    December 2017

    Cortney Clover
    June 2017

    Coach Rusty Segler
    April 2017

    Yamile Quintero
    January 2017

    Keisha Brown
    November 2016

    Coach Kim Oliphant
    November 2016

    Kelly Spradley
    September 2016

    Tom Parker
    April 2016

    Manuel Castillo
    January 2016