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FAQ - Curriculum & Learning

  • What is the breakdown of people who chose At-Home Learning and In-School Learning?

  • If I choose At-Home Learning, will my child be able to particpate in the Dual Language Program?

  • If we elect 100% At-Home Learning for our high school or middle school student but not all of his/her classes will be offered online, how do we change those course selections?

  • Will the first day of school be Wednesday, August 12?

  • What role will teachers have in the event we move into 100% At-Home Learning due to mandated closures?

  • If we elect my child to receive 100% online learning, how will teachers be more hands-on with my child’s learning?

  • What if I choose 100% in-school learning at registration but change my mind to have my child transition to 100% At-Home learning?

  • If a student falls ill, but it is not COVID-19 related, will they receive At-Home Learning?

  • Will part-time school be offered to students who want to receive some courses in-person but others online?

  • If I elect to have my child participate 100% At-Home learning, will he/she be able to still be involved in extracurricular activities such as choir, art, and CTE (Career Technical Education) classes?

  • Who do I need to talk to if I want my child to transition to a different learning environment?