At-Home Learning

  • At-Home Learning

    Students will remain at home and will engage in learning activities that are primarily delivered asynchronously through an online learning management system. A parent/guardian/caregiver will need to be available to support students in navigating the daily schedule and providing assistance with the learning as needed, especially with elementary students. Live, teacher-led support and peer collaboration will also be scheduled to expand students’ opportunities to engage with content and interact with teachers and classmates.  Instructional time will be dedicated for independent learning activities.  Daily student participation in the learning activities will be required and attendance taken. A structured schedule will be provided to students indicating required times for participation in scheduled live instruction. 

    Remote At-Home instruction will be designed for mastery of student learning outcomes based on the academic standards called the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area. 

    • Available for students in Prekindergarten through Grade 12
    • Student participation required and attendance will be taken daily on all instructional days on the Board approved LEISD calendar.
    • Asynchronous learning with live, synchronous support by LEISD teachers
    • Instruction provided by asynchronous on a learning management system and supported by Little Elm ISD teachers
    • Available for core content as well as elective areas when feasible (Some elective courses cannot be offered for at-home learning, i.e. welding, marching band, athletics…)
    • District curriculum, unit sequencing, and pacing of instruction
    • Social-emotional support
    • Accommodations and support services provided
    • Internet connection required
    • District computer device provided, if needed

    School times will follow the designated District times set forth for all of our campuses:

    • Elementary student schedule: 8:05 a.m. - 3:40 p.m.
    • Middle school student schedule: 8:55 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    • High school student schedule: 7:20 a.m. - 2:55 p.m.

    It is our goal to have specific teachers (our teachers) dedicated as your child’s online teacher which will help create a focus for teacher-led instruction, much different from the At-Home Learning we provided in the spring. Teachers will use the District curriculum that will parallel In-School Learning making the transition from At-Home to In-School much easier on the student.

    Students will follow their designated class schedule. View sample schedules below. Students will receive their exact schedule prior to the first day of school. 

    For elementary students:

    • Daily schedules for core-content subjects (English, Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies) with built-in teacher-led instruction, small group activities, independent work, individualized support for various student needs, lunch, recess
    • Specials classes (art, music, PE) will be asynchronous learning three days a week
    • End of the day opportunities to work with teachers during designated independent practice homework time
    • Attendance will be based on daily participation in At-Home Learning
    • Parents will facilitate student learning

    For secondary students:

    • Follow class schedule that will be provided to students on the first day of school
    • Schedules will include teacher-led instruction, group activities, individual support for various student needs, lunch
    • Specialized classes such as sports, CTE, and extracurricular classes will be in-person during designated class time (transportation is the responsibility of the student/parent)
    • Some classes will be led through asynchronous learning and activities
    • Attendance will be based on daily participation in At-Home Learning
    • Parents will facilitate student learning

    Teachers will provide grades based on the District’s Grading Guidelines. Families who choose to change their selection from At-Home to In-School learning will need to do so at the beginning of the nine-week grading period by contacting your campus principal. In the event our District moves to remote learning for all students due to mandatory closures, At-Home learners will continue using their online schedule with the exception of attending in-person extracurricular classes.

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