• Flip Plan

Flip Plan for Short Term School Closure

  • Multiple systems are being put in place so that Little Elm ISD can continue to deliver instructional content in case of school closure. TEA requires that each school district be prepared for sporadic, short-term closures throughout the 2020-2021 school year. Should the governor of Texas, Denton County health officials, or the Superintendent require a temporary school closure, the District would move into its Flip Plan for In-School Learners only. At-Home Learners will continue the learning plan they started at the beginning of the school year.


    • The District will communicate primarily through email to the parent/guardian and social media platforms
    • Parent/guardian emails are set up during registration through Focus. Parents who need to change their email address or phone number should contact the campus.  
    • Principals will communicate each week information to keep parents/guardians updated on any closure determined by the District.

Instructional Materials

    • The District has provided teachers with a “Go Bag” for each student in the event the district must flip from In-School Learning to Short-Term Remote Learning due to a closure to send home instructional materials necessary for student success while learning remotely.
    • Parents can expect the following in their student’s “Go Bag” - learning supplies, District-Issued Device, additional learning materials

Instructional Delivery

    • The district has designated the following learning management systems (LMS) for instructional delivery:
      • SeeSaw PK-2nd grade
      • Google Classroom 3rd - 5th grade
      • Canvas 6th - 12th grade
    • All teachers will utilize the designated learning management system (LMS) and have “online classrooms” prepared for the first day of school.
    • Teachers and students will rely on their “online classroom” through the District designated LMS as the primary location for sharing class information, assignments, instructional materials, etc.
    • Teachers will add to their LMS first teach videos as necessary when the teacher, students, a class, a school, or the district is quarantined, or there is a closure of the district.  In this case, In-School Learners are transitioned to sporadic, short-term remote learning for In-School Learners.  
    • Special services and support services will continue for students.  Parents/guardians will be continued for a schedule of services during a closure.  
    • Feedback continues to be a crucial part of student learning, no matter what instructional environment we are in.  Teachers should provide feedback on student work in methods that are appropriate for the current instructional environment.  
    • All students in Pre-K through 12th grade will have access to a LEISD student technology device through the expanded one-to-one laptop program for the 2020-2021 school year. Devices are allocated in the following Manner:
      • iPads in Pre-K will be kept in the teacher classroom.  PK students will be issued an iPad only in the event that instruction is required to become remote.  
      • Chromebooks in grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade will be kept in a cart in the classroom, and will be checked out to a student to take home only in the event that instruction is required to become remote.  
      • Students in 4th through 12th grade will take their District issued laptop home and will be expected to bring their laptop to school fully charged each day.
    • Teachers and staff members will use the designated learning management system’s calendar and/or announcements features to communicate learning expectations and instructional activities including unit assessments.   
    • Students will take online assessments via the designated learning management system, SchoolCity, or NWEA MAP.  Teachers will communicate guidelines for online assessments.  
    • Parents/Guardians should contact their child’s teacher with specific instructional questions.

Curriculum During the Closure

    • Little Elm ISD will follow the regular scope and sequence of our curriculum.

School Schedules During the Closure

    • In the event a campus closes, students will follow a schedule throughout the school day that is similar to the schedule for In-School.  Students will have a blend of synchronous times on Zoom for teacher direct instruction and asynchronous time when they are independently completing assignments.  Campus principals will communicate with parents their campus schedule during a time of closure.  Below are SAMPLE schedules of what remote learning might look like.  

    Sample Schedule for Elementary

    Sample Schedule for Elementary - Click to View PDF

    Sample Schedule for secondary

    Sample Schedule for Secondary - Click to view PDF

    • Attendance will be taken daily during live zoom synchronous learning times and based on student engagement with learning on the LMS.  Students must attend synchronous learning on Zoom and/or be engaged with the LMS each day by 11:59 p.m. to be counted present. 
    • Students are expected to complete learning activities as assigned to them by the classroom teacher. 
    • Students will submit learning activities via the district designated LMS by 11:59 pm each day.  
    • Teachers will be available for student/parent conferences during their published conference time by appointment.
    • Parents are encouraged to monitor their student’s academic work through the learning management systems and Focus.  Information for how parents can access these platforms will be posted on the district website.
    • Focus will remain the district’s official gradebook.  Any grades shown in a learning management system are used for monitoring student progress and providing feedback on a student’s submitted work.

Technology Support

    • In the event there is an issue with district issued technology, parents should submit a help ticket by sending an email to help@littleelmisd.net or calling 972-292-1857 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. Monday-Friday.  
    • Additional resources are available on our technology support webpage.