Canvas LMS

What's on Canvas?

  • For my classes, you can find everything you need on Canvas.  I will have daily lessons and assignments posted on Canvas. 

    Look for the days date to find notes, assignment and answer key.

    Yes, there will be an answer key.  Work through the assignment first, then check your own work.  Make corrections to problems you didn't do right.  Don't erase your answer, just make a correction on the page.  Note what you did wrong and what you should have done correctly.

    This is called taking ownership of your work.  You attempt the work, you check the work, you make immediate corrections (if needed) to your thinking. After you have checked your work, turn it in with the number of corrections you made, so that I can enter your grade in FOCUS.

    You correct, you learn.  I correct, you throw away and never learn.