• As a district, we have in place several programs to ensure schools are safe. Some of these include:

    Physical Security of Campuses

    • Security cameras inside and outside schools provide live access to office staff and police
    • School Resource Officer (SRO) coverage
    • Controlled access with one point of entry for visitors during the school day
    • Criminal background checks on all employees, volunteers, and contractors who work on District property
    • Impact film
    • Lockdown Buttons at all campuses
    • Exterior and interior doors locked/Door notification alert system
    • SRO equipment
    • Detection Canines

    Collaborative Safety And Security Culture

    • Crisis management plans and teams at each campus
    • Wide-area and local-area networks allow radio communication between staff in the event of an emergency.
    • Anonymous Alerts tip line for students, parents, teachers, and community members to share concerns
    • Free lunch provided to police officers in school cafeterias to increase visibility.
    • Police officers encouraged to use school grounds to complete routine paperwork
    • Monthly meetings between police, fire, Little Elm, and the District
    • NASRO/TASRO Training for School Resource Officers
    • Coordinated SWAT facility usage

    Emergency Management

    • District-wide Emergency Operations Plan
    • Frequent safety audits
    • Drills
    • Tabletop exercises
    • All Access to first responders
    • Gaggle/Social Media Crawler
    • Exterior doors numbered
    • Raptor first responder system
    • Emergency Responsiveness