Degrees and Certifications:

I graduated from Louisiana Tech University with a Bachelors in Secondary Math Education in 2011.

Mrs. Heather Owens

I was born and raised in Haughton, LA. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Secondary Mathematics Education from Louisiana Tech University. I taught in Arkansas for two years thanks to a program called Arkansas Teacher Corps. While teaching at Strong High School, I met my now husband Stephen. We married early June 2018 and moved to Texas. Our daughter was born June 2019. Our son was born July 2021.

We have two dogs Dakota and Jack. They are both mix breed rescues. 

We also adopted two guinea pigs Kili and Fili.

I am a nerd. I love math and enjoy reading a variety of genres.

I have been with Little Elm High School since 2018. I am also a resisident of Little Elm.


Class Schedule

  • Class Schedule

    1st Geometry 

    2nd Geometry

    3rd Planning Period

    4th Geometry

    5th A Geometry

    5th B Geometry

    6th Geometry

    7th Geometry

    Tutorials Tuesday and Thursday after school

  • E-Mail

    Phone 972.947.9443 ext 22213