Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors in Education Certifications in ESL, Gen Ed, Physical Education STEM Certification through NISE

Coach Martin and Coach Nulty

Hello there!  My name is Kelli Martin and I am excited to be a part of Hackberry Elementary as the PE Coach.  I have been teaching elementary school since 2003, and teaching at Little Elm since 2008.  I formerly taught PreK, first, second, third and fourth grades. My first year as a PE Coach was in 2021, and I'm looking forward to another year in PE with my assistant Coach Nulty! After graduating from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, I began my teaching career in Mesquite, TX.  I’m a small town girl from Quinlan, TX.  I have a son and daughter who happily attend Hackberry, and I can well appreciate the  parenting issues that other elementary parents may have!:)  I love the outdoors and participating in camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, gardening, etc. Staying active is important to my family and me. My mission is to help our students, families, and staff develop healthy, active habits.  I am looking forward to meeting you and your children.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me via email @ or via Dojo.

  • Shoe Policy:
    In PE, safety is always first. This is why we ask all of our students to come to class with appropriate footwear. Wearing the wrong shoes can impact a student’s safety and success during activities. Shoes like boots, crocs, sandals, slip-ons, and even dress shoes can get in the way of simple activities like running, jumping, and stopping. It is important for students to wear proper footwear in order to participate safely in class activities and to be successful with those activities. If your child does not have appropriate shoes, he/she will walk during class or another appropriate exercise will be assigned and their grade will be affected.

    Shoe Tying:
    Having shoes that are tied is a safety issue. We are constantly on the move in PE and it is important that laces are tied. Laced shoes that are untied can be a common problem in PE, and due to the short duration of our class time, Mrs. Nulty and I are unable to dedicate time to tying shoes. Please work with your child and help them practice this developmentally appropriate skill if they do not have mastery over it.

    Although wearing skirts or dresses is discouraged on PE days, if worn, shorts must be worn under skirts or dresses.
    Hoodies can be worn, but students are not allowed to wear hoods on their heads.

    Parent/Doctor Notes: 
    A parent's note to excuse your child from P.E. will only be good for three days. After that, I need a note from a doctor to excuse your child from class.

    Please make sure you send your child with a LABELED water bottle to school on PE days. 


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