Lakeside MS Choral Department

  •      We are VERY excited that your child has made the decision to become part of The Lakeside MS Choir Family this school year! We have many fun and exciting events planned: parties, field trips, concerts, fundraisers, contests and more! There will also be many opportunities for your child to perform as a group and in individual contests. 


         When anyone joins an organization they are looking for a place to belong, to be accepted, and to be of value.  These three aspects can make a world of difference to a child.  The Lakeside MS Choir will provide these aspects in an environment of family and community learners where your child can thrive and soar to their true potential.  


         This year, your child will be learning music theory, sight-reading skills, proper vocal techniques, and performance practices through the exploration of various musical styles and genres. This will be an exciting time of development and growth for each child and should be encouraged.

Choir Headlines

Choir Headlines

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