State Required Testing

  • For high school students there are five STAAR end-of-course (EOC) assessments:
    • Algebra I
    • Biology
    • English I
    • English II
    • US History


  • Who participates in the STAAR EOC tests?

  • When are the STAAR EOC tests administered?

  • Can students re-take the tests?

  • How do I know if my student passed?

LEHS Campus Code

  • 444198

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    The LEHS Campus Code for ACT & SAT is 444198

Upcoming Dates

  • SAT Day
    March 2, 2022 for all juniors
    April 2022 STAAR EOC Days:
    April 5th - English I
    April 7th - English II
    May 2022 STAAR EOC Days:
    May 3rd - Algebra I
    May 4th - Biology
    May 5th - US History
    2022 AP Testing Dates:
    May 2nd - 13th, more information on the collegeboard website
    Spring 2022 Final Exams Testing Dates:
    May 16 - 17th, Senior final exams
    May 18 - 19th, All other exams
    Summer 2022 STAAR EOC Re-takes:
    June 21st - English I
    June 22nd - Algebra, US History
    June 23rd - English II, Biology