Mr. Charles Vochatzer

Phone: 972-947-9450 x___________


Degrees and Certifications:

BS, Church Recreation MRE, Religious Education Teacher Certification, 4-8 & 8-12 Math

Mr. Charles Vochatzer

This is my sixth year at LEISD.  Previously, I taught math and coached in Georgetown ISD.  After serving as a minister (youth, education, music, children, senior adults) for 25 years, I decided it was time to do something else.  After deciding to continue to work with youth, but in a different setting, I entered the alternative teacher certification program at LeTourneau University, Austin.  During that time and for 8 years, I also worked for Best Buy as a GeekSquad Agent.

My wife, Linda, and I have been married for 40 years. We have two grown children, Paul and Brittani.  We also have four grandchildren, Madison, Nicholas, Jack and Henry.

Originally, I'm from Kansas City, MO (GO CHIEFS & ROYALS!). I've also lived in Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Kentucky. This is my third trip to Texas. After living 15 years in Pflugerville, we moved to this area. We look forward to many great years of living and teaching in this area.

Your children are in good hands.  During my 8 years at Forbes MS, Georgetown, I taught classes for on-grade-level math, 7th PAP, Algebra I, and intervention classes.  I’ve taught 6th, 7th and 8th grade students, but mostly the 8th grade level, including Algebra I for 8th grade.  All of my life experiences will benefit your Middle School students. We (parent/student/teacher) will make this journey together to make sure that your child not only receives what they need for Middle School, but for the years to come also.

My five years at Prestwick have been mostly spent teaching 6th and 8th grade students.  Year one was totally 6th grade PAP curriculum.  Year two and three brought about a change to my schedule as I moved to teaching on-level 8th grade and 6th grade Compacted Math.  Year four and five, I continued with Compacted Math, but added the 8th grade HS Geometry PAP class.

This year, 19-20, will be spent much like last year, but with the addition of 7th PAP.  I'll be teaching 1 section of 6th Compacted Math, 1 - 7th PAP, 1 GAME 7th and 2 sections of HS Geometry to 8th grade students. 

I have been blessed to have each of the 6th Compacted Math groups twice, once as a 6th grade then back in 8th grade.  It's nice to see their growth and they can't tell me their teacher didn't teach them that.

You may call me Mr V, but my last name is pronounced Vo - chat - zer.  I have aunts, uncles, cousins that all pronounce the name different. Thanksfully, my dad made it simple.

Charles Vochatzer 

PSA Math Teacher

972-947-9450 x32413



  •  1th Period - 7th GAME

                   805 - 907

    2th Period - 7th PAP

          7th PAP Year At A Glance

                   910 - 1005

     3th Period - Compacted Math

                   CM Year At A Glance

                  1008 - 1103

     4th Period - Conference

                  1105 - 1200

     5th Period - Geometry PAP

                   Geometry Year At A Glance

                  1205 - 138

                         lunch 1240 - 110

     6th Period - Geometry PAP

                   Geometry Year At A Glance

                    141 - 236

    7th Period - Compacted Math

                    239 - 340