• The visual art program at Lakeside Middle School focuses on the development of technical skills and creativity in a variety of art media and through the Elements and Principles of Art.
    Proposed Visual Art Classes for 2015 - 2016 school year
    6th grade - Mrs. McClellan 
    EXPLORATION - (9 weeks of art, choir, leadership and theatre)
    ART 6 semester ($10 supply fee)
    ART 6 year ($20 supply fee)
    7th grade - Mr. Jarrett
    ART 7 semester ($10 supply fee)
    ART 7 year ($20 supply fee)
    8th grade - Mr. League
    ART 8 semester($10 supply fee)
    ART 1 (high school credit) (teacher approval) ($30 supply fee)
    DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (7th and 8th grade) - Mr. Lopez
    SCULPTURE (8th grade) - Mrs. McClellan ($20 supply fee)