• The Vision of the Little Elm ISD Community is to be "THE Destination District.” 


  • The Mission of Little Elm ISD is to... 
    ENGAGE, EQUIP, and EMPOWER each student to realize their full potential.

    Values Sphere

District Cornerstones

    1. Focus on teaching the standards to the stated level of rigor so each student has an equal opportunity to learn in LEISD.
    2. Focus on the intentional design of Rigorous, Relevant, and Engaging lessons in every classroom.
    3. Support highly effective Professional Learning Communities in a variety of ways throughout each campus.

As Lobos We Value...

  • A culture founded on the highest qualities of character

    • Excellence

    • Integrity

    • Respect

    • Compassion

    Unleashing every individual’s highest potential

    • Promote high expectations

    • Inspire creativity

    • Nurture self-confidence

    • Commit to accountability

    Creating a community where every student loves to learn, every teacher loves to teach and every person is proud to call home (A foundation of culture that values unity and pride)

    • Provide a safe and supportive environment

    • Expand opportunities for achievement

    • Support collaboration

    • Promote district identity and culture

    • Praise and celebrate success

    • #loboproud

    Embracing all of our kids as all of our kids

    • Champion success

    • Ignite passion

    • Value and encourage every student

    • Foster Relationships

    • Cultivate ownership

    Open, transparent, and timely communication

    • Honest

    • Clear

    • Respectful

    • Courteous

    • Engaging

Our Goals are:

  • Recruitment, Retention, & Engagement

    1. Little Elm ISD will commit to engage in recruitment and retention practices which will ensure each employee is well-matched to expectations of their role and the District’s Core Values.

    2. Little Elm ISD will create an atmosphere of servant-leadership.

    Teaching & Learning

    1. Little Elm ISD will engage each student in rigorous relevant learning experiences.

    2. Little Elm ISD will engage each staff member in a culture of collaboration that extends each student’s learning.

    Communication & Community Partnerships

    1. Little Elm ISD will effectively communicate with all stakeholders.

    2. Little Elm ISD will proactively build mutually beneficial relationships with community partners that will stimulate opportunities for enrichment.

    Career & Technical Education

    1. Little Elm ISD will offer a broad range of relevant pathways, enhance life experiences, and career opportunities.

    2. Little Elm ISD will equip students with the skills necessary to be competitive in the current and future job market.