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Zoning Committee

Middle School Attendance Zoning Committee

The Middle School Attendance Zoning Committee made a recommendation to the Little Elm ISD Board of Trustees regarding attendances zones for Walker Middle School and Strike Middle School (to open Fall 2020). Walker Middle School will be located on Eldorado Parkway and French Settlement Road. Strike Middle School will be located on Lebanon Road off of 423 near Prestwick.

The Committee discussed suitable attendance zone options and provided feedback to the Little Elm ISD Administration for the two new middle schools. 

The Committee considered factors such as current District enrollment, future enrollment trends, overall growth projections, housing patterns, transportation needs, demographic balance, building capacities, student stability, school staffing, and other items as presented by Little Elm ISD Administration.

Middle School Attendance Zoning Committee Meeting Presentation - October 9, 2018

Middle School Attendance Zoning Community Meeting Presentation - November 6 & 8, 2018

Committee Members

The Committee will be comprised of 25 members from the community. Each member of the Little Elm ISD Board of Trustees will select one committee member, the remaining members will be chosen based on an application process. 

Committee Members:

  • Kristen Abla
  • Mindy Bauermeister
  • Mandi Chase
  • Sheresse Cox
  • Tiffiney Craig
  • Rachael Ewertz
  • Correne Fierro
  • Shannon Fischer
  • Mandy Harber
  • Kyla Heffernan
  • Chris Kuers
  • Jerry Koltz
  • Jon Latacz
  • Jennifer Long
  • Cindy Marzett
  • Alvin Ocampo
  • Michael Peters
  • Lindsay Reyes
  • Jennifer Reynolds
  • Casey Russell
  • Mac Sandoval
  • Keith Vesper
  • Michael Whaley
  • Chris Wigington
  • Sarona Winfrey

Members of Little Elm ISD Administration, Goldstar Transit, and Templeton Demographics will provide support for the Committee:

  • Dr. Tony Tipton, Executive Director for Marketing & Community Partnerships (Facilitator)
  • Rod Reeves, Executive Director for Operational Services (Facilitator)
  • Daniel Gallagher, Superintendent of Schools
  • Ross Roberts, Deputy Superintendent
  • Grant Anderson, Associate Superintendent & CFO
  • Dr. Cyndy Mika, Assistant Superintendent for School Improvement & Accountability
  • Rick Martin, Executive Director for Construction Services
  • Clint Miller, Future Principal of Strike Middle School
  • Kelley Carr, Future Principal of Walker Middle School
  • Jennifer Barrychuck, Executive Administrative Assistant
  • JW Barrett, General Manager, GoldStar Transit
  • Representative(s) from Templeton Demographics