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Create a Parent Portal Account

Click the Direct link: and follow the steps below to complete your account setup.

Click here for printable instructions.

Step 1

Click I DO NOT have an Account Registered on the Parent Portal but my child is Actively Enrolled

Focus Step 1 Registration

Step 2

Enter the information on the first screen. You must enter your (parent) first name, last name and email address. Click Submit.  

Parent Portal Step 2

Step 3

You have now created your parent account. To add a student to your account, click I would like to ADD A CHILD who is already enrolled.

Parent Portal Step 3


Step 4

On the next screen enter your child's information. All of the information must be entered. If you have set your child up using a "State ID" you will need the last 4 digits of that number instead of the last 4 of the Social Security Number. Click Add Student.

Parent Portal Step 4


Step 5

Your student is now displayed in the ceter of your screen. If you need to add an additional child to your account click I would like to ADD A CHILD who is already enrolled, and repeat step 4. Otherwise, click I am FINISHED adding students. Please take me to the Portal.

Parent Portal Step 5