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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers must fill out a new application each year to be eligible to volunteer at Little Elm ISD. The volunteer application can be accessed through account. Background checks can also be completed through your Voly account. 

Once you have established your Voly account, you will now be able to choose the volunteer opportunities you want at the campus or campuses you choose. Campuses will create opportunities throughout the year and email alerts will be sent to you when a new opportunity is posted.

Students can also set up a volunteer account through Voly and track their service hours they complete when volunteering at campuses or designated events. Reports can be printed and turned in to student orgnaziations that require documentation of their volunteer time. 

If you are planning to chaparone a field trip, please allow plenty of time for the background check to clear prior to the trip. It is always best to think ahead and complete the required paperwork at the beginning of the school year.

For the safety of our students, we require all volunteers to complete a volunteer application and we run a name-based, state-wide criminal history record check on all applicants. The background check must be completed and approved before volunteering.

If you are planning to visit a campus to eat lunch or attend a function during the day, all visitors will be processed through the District’s Raptor visitor system, which scans your driver license each time you come to campus.

  Create a Voly Account to Complete a Background Check