Damaged Devices

  • Damaged devices will be repaired as quickly as possible.  The Device Protection Plan that students purchased at the beginning of the year will cover ACCIDENTAL damage.  Students should report broken or missing devices immediately using the guidelines below.

    In the event your district device is damaged, it must be serviced by LEISD school personnel.  All devices are owned by the District and may not be serviced by third parties.  

    Students shall report damage to their campus Librarian or Instructional Technology Assistant (ITA) as soon as possible.  The device will be assessed to determine the extent of the damage and identify the necessary repairs.

    • Accidental damage will be repaired as soon as possible, with all effort being made for provide the student with a temporary loaner device only if one is available.  This is decided at the discretion of the campus librarian, ITA, or principal
    • Intentional damage will also be sent in for repair as soon as possible.  All effort will be made to provide the student with a temporary loaner device once the damage has been paid for.  This is decided at the discretion of the campus librarian, ITA, or principal.

What Damage is Covered By LoboCare?

In general, damage to student laptops will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Lost or Stolen Devices

  • Notifying the appropriate staff right away is essential when a device goes missing. Technology and Security department staff will work along with our services partners to attempt to recover devices.

    Students or parents must report a lost of stolen device to their campus Librarian, campus ITA, or the district Technology Office at the Zellars Center for Learning and Leadership within 5 days of the incident.  

    Parents must provide a file police report noting the incident for the stolen device to be covered.

End-of-Year Fines for Damage

  • All student devices will be assessed at the end of the school year to for damage.  A technician will review the device following the damage criteria outlined above. 

    Students will be assessed fines for damage that is determined to be INTENTIONAL.  These fines will be noted in the student's library account.  Notifications will be sent to the students and parents within the last week of school. 

    Fines can be paid in person to the student's campus librarian or front office staff.

Internet Filter and Wifi Access

  • In order to protect our students, Little Elm ISD makes all efforts to provide the most secure digital learning environment possible.  This includes providing students using an LEISD laptop with Internet content that is filtered at school and away from school.  Even when students are using a Wifi connection at home or anywhere away from school, their internet content will still be filtered and monitored.

    All LEISD campuses are equipped with an wireless internet connection that reaches each classroom and learning space.  Students on LEISD laptops connect to a "Student" Wifi access that continues to be filtered and monitored.

    However, no internet filter is perfect and it does not replace parent involvement and monitoring.  We do encourage parents to engage in "active monitoring" of their student's online activities, just as teachers do in the classroom.  The best way to actively monitor your child's online activity is to talk with your student about their online activity and keep devices in public areas of the home.

Keeping your device safe and secure

  • Students will receive lessons on responsible use and safekeeping of their laptop. Each device also comes with a protective case and a soft carrying bag.

    Students can help keep their device safe and secure by following these ten tips:

    1. Keep your device out of sight.
    2. Don't tell others that you have a device.
    3. Never leave your device unattended.
    4. Don't lend your device to anyone.
    5. Don't use your device in environments where it may be damaged.
    6. Don't leave your device in the car.
    7. Don't use your device in public places.
    8. Pay attention to your surroundings.
    9. Always return your device to a teacher or school administrator.
    10. If you're threatened or in danger - give it up. A device can be replaced. You can't.

    List credit: Absolute Safe Schools Program

Tips To Protect Your Device

  • Follow these tips to keep your device clean and undamaged:

    • Be careful.  Always carry your device with both hands and try not to drop or scratch it.
    • No food or drinks.  Liquids and food could ruin your device.
    • Store it properly.  Do not place your device under items that could potentially damage it.  This includes when placing it in your backpack, or at home.  Do not sleep with your device in your bed.
    • Keep it charged.  But disconnect the device once it is fully charged.
    • Clean the screen.  Use a device-friendly spray and cloth.
    • Keep an eye on it.  Choose a safe place to store your device so you won't lose it.  Never leave your device unattended when at school or in a public place.
  • Click here to view the "Student Laptop Handbook" with additional Do's and Don'ts, ideas for maintaining your computer, and general tips for keeping your computer and data safe.  (Disclaimer: This handbook comes from one of our former insurance providers, Safeware.  While we no longer utilize the company's services, the information in this handbook is very relevant and useful.)

Digital Citizenship and Cybersafety

  • "Digital citizenship" is the appropriate and responsible use of technology devices, regardless of whether they are school-owned or personal devices.  "Cybersafety" is part of digital citizenship.  Put simply, it means that students should be safe and responsible when using the internet.

    Digital Citizenship is one of the core components of any 1:1 student device program.  In LEISD we make an effort to provide regular digital citizenship instruction and review to our students.  This may come through formal lessons, conversations with a teacher, or reminders during school announcements.  Each LEISD campus is also asked to celebrate "Digital Citizenship Week" each October.

Online Safety

  • LEISD students are encouraged to use their laptops at school and at home for educational purposes.  While their internet content will remain filtered, one of the best ways to manage your student's device use and online safety habits is for a trusted adult to be active and involved with them.  Here's some tips to get you started:

    • Discuss the websites your student visits
    • Know your student’s login information
      • Let them know it's okay to share this with you or a teacher but should never be shared with anyone else.
    • Charge the device in a family room
    • Ensure the device stays in its case
    • Ask how the device is used at school each day 

    Topics like Digital Citizenship, Digital Footprint, Cyber Safety, etc. are of the highest importance in keeping our students protected and safe online.  Some of the websites below can provide parents with valuable resources, information, and insight into these areas.