Course Descriptions

  • Beginning Acting – Semester 
    This course introduces the learner to the basic mechanics of acting.  They will explore vocal, physical, and acting exercises to prepare for and improve public performances and presentation.  Learners will engage in vocal warm-ups,  improvisational games, and performing scenes from scripts.  Learners develop acting and stage terminology, interpersonal and presentation skills, and much more.
    Intermediate Acting Part I – Semester
    This course continues to expand the skills attained in Beginning Acting. Learners will perform in longer scenes, develop and perform monologues, and learn more about theatre history and performance styles.
    (pre-requisite: Beginning Acting)
    Intermediate Acting Part II – Semester
    This course introduces the learner to Shakespearean scripts and Directing Techniques.
    (pre-requisite: Intermediate Acting Part I)
    Theatre I (HS)--Year -  (pre-requisite: Beginning Acting.  8th grade only)
    Introduction to Technical Theatre – Semester
    This course introduces the learner to the backstage careers and activities in theatrical production.  The course will provide surface information regarding all the design teams contributing to a production.  
    Set and Costume Design – Year
    This course re acquaints the learner with the process for Set and Costume Design. It allows more time for learners to explore construction and production process.  This class mostly consists of projects.  Students will build set models, sketch costumes, and construct costume pieces. This class is recommended for independent, creative, and self-motivated students
    (pre-requisite: Intro to Tech)