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  • 06.20.22

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 6/20/2022

    6. Superintendent Spotlight

    A. Little Elm High School Drill Team Recognition Presenter: Frank Felice

    B. Special Recognitions Presenter: Daniel Gallagher

    2019- David Montemayor, longest running president for the school board.

    Outgoing board member, Dan Blackwood started in 2016

    Dr. Cyndy Mika - outgoing Assistant Superintendent leaving the District after 17 years with Little Elm ISD. She is leaving the District to be the Superintendent of Kodiak Schools in Alaska.

    7. Reports of the Superintendent A. Destination 2025 District Goals Update Presenter: Dr. Cyndy A. Mika

    See the presentation pg. 6

    8. Citizen Input -

    Ty Phillips - speaks to the transparency of book review.

    9. Approval of Minutes A. Consider approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes - 5/16/2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores. vote passed

    B. Consider approval of Special Meeting Minutes - 5/18/2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores - vote passed

    C. Consider approval of Special Meeting Minutes - 6/01/2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores vote passed

    D. Consider approval of Special Meeting Minutes - 6/07/2022 Presenter: Sonia S. Flores vote passed

    10. Action Items 

    A. Consider approval of Election Officers Presenter: David Montemayor

    President - Jason Olson

    VP - Dr. Monique Thompson

    Secretary - DeLeon English

    B. Consider approval of the Hiring of Alternative Education Campus Principal Presenter: Renee Pentecost - Terilyn Monday is the new Alternative Principal - vote passed

    C. Consider approval of an Order Authorizing the Issuance from Time to Time of Little Elm Independent School District Unlimited Tax School Building Bonds in an Aggregate Principal Amount of not to Exceed $5,000,000; Levying a Tax and Providing for the Security and Payment Thereof; Providing for the Award of the Sale Thereof in Accordance with Specified Parameters; Authorizing the Execution and Delivery of one or More Purchase Contracts and Paying Agent/Registrar Agreements Relating to Such Bonds; Approving the Preparation of one or More Official Statements; and Enacting other Provisions Related Thereto Presenter: Shay Adams

    vote passed

    D. Consider approval of the Adoption of the Budget for 2022 - 2023 Presenter: Shay Adams - vote passed

    E. Consider approval of the Update Policy CDC (LOCAL) Other Revenues Gifts and Solicitations Presenter: Shay Adams vote passed

    F. Consider approval of Zellars Conversion to ECC Presenter: Rick Martin vote passed

    11. Consent Agenda - A-N vote passed

    Pulled F - Consider approval of the Act on Delegation of Authority to Approve the Agreement for the Purchase of Attendance Credit (Netting Chapter 48 Funding) Presenter: Shay Adams vote passed

    12. Swearing in -- Mary Watkins as the new board member

    David Montemayor

    13. Board president comments - thank you to staff

    14. Board comments

    Mary Watkins -- looking forward to working with my fellow trustees

    Montemayor - thank you to those who stayed to be a part of the meeting. Thanks to Dan for his advocacy and engagement with state boards.

    Thompson - congrats to Mary, congrats to Mika for her service,  thank you David for his leadership. Thank you Dan for your time served.

    English - Thank you to Dr. Mika for the time she had poured into the district. Dan, it has been a great time serving alongside you. Welcome to the pot where it gets hot - to Mary. Thank you David and his leadership.

    15. Superintendent's comments - Thank you to all who have served and led -- great team with the new elected officers, to Dan - I know he will continue to be involved.

    Dan - thank you to the folks who voted for me. Thank you to Superintendent Gallagher for his mentorship. Thanked David for his support. Thanked Olson for standing by him. Thanked English for showing him two sides of looking at ideas. Thanked Dr. Thompson for challenging him. 

    Thanked Myers and Flores for their professionalism. 

    Thanked his family.

    adjourned at 9:03 pm

    Watch the meeting

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  • 06.20.22 Public Hearing

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 6/20/2022

    Called the meeting at 6:00 p.m.

    Public Hearing for Proposed 2022-2023 Budget Presenter: Shay Adams

    Review of Budget Workshop #1 Feb. 17, 2022

    Staffing for the coming year 

    Workshop #2

    Historical Student Growth 

    Workshop #3

    adopt budget and tax rate

    Precision of Reading the Future through Student Average Daily Attendance and Property Value Growth

    Explained property wealth and how much the District anticipates or earns for the 2021-2022 school year. The District doesn't find out until the end of the school year. All budgets are based on estimations. 

    Revenue sources, assumptions for state and local funding

    federal funding, other local revenue

    Components of the Currect School District Tax rate

    MO - .9603. and IS - .47 == 1.4303

    Recommended to lower $1.4129 which is projected based on estimation

    MO .9429. IS is .47

    Explained budget operating funds - 

    "199" - General Fund

    Broken into functional areas - these codes represent general operating areas, for example curriculum is classified

    Percentages by Object Classification - 6100 - personnel/payroll 78%

    Payroll Related Higlights - additional positions approved this paring to address both student learning loss and log backlog of additional position s for growth

    Instructional FTES funded through ESSER funds for 22-23 with contingency for 23-24

    allocation for market equity adjustments

    Compensation Plan - recommends 4% raise to all employees

    Ms. Adams further discussed the other functions that included student nutrition.

    Change the Fiscal Year: Change to July 1 - was budgeted for a 12 month year, but only operated for 10 months -- one-time injection into the fund balance.

    Adjurned meeting 6:40

    Watch the meeting


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  • June 1 Workshop

    Posted by Cecelia Jones on 6/1/2022

    Hiring of new Chavez Principal was approved - Lindsay Sivick

    Hiring of new Strike MS Principal - Bill Bush

    Bond Workshop

    Information Review

    Demography Estimates By Campus - 

    At capacity of close to capacity: Oak Point, LEHS, SMS, WMS

    Enrollment is projected to grow by over 400 students next year. 8700 students next year based on projections.

    In less than 10 year, Little Elm ISD is expected to be more than 10,000 students.

    3,750 voters

    1,780 for

    1,970 against -- failed in early voting, absentee, election day

    Listening to voters -- put out a ThoughtExchange, we wanted to know why it didn't pass and how we can overcome opposition.

    Looking at doing more of a community survey to registered voters -- want to know what their thoughts on the last bond.

    Focus Groups -- those who were opposed and find out their feedback. "Listening Session" style

    Bond project considerations:

    Consider removing: MS #3, elementary #9, daycare location

    We need to ask what our immediate needs are.

    LEHS Additions:

    What was proposed in the May 2022 Bond was to design in 2022, construction to begin in May of 2023, phased opening in 2024, completed in 2025.

    For consideration -

    Seek voter approval in November and begin design in January

    Construction in June 2024

    Phased opening in 2025

    Project completed by May 2026


    Elementary #7 - 

    Design in May 2022, construction 2023, school open in 2024.

    Consider - design in Jan, construction begins in March 2024, project completed by August 2025 add a year of escalation to budget.

    Elementary #8 -

    design in May 2024, construction in March 2025, school to open in August 2026 

    Consideration - could be the same timeline, with additional escalation based upon the current market. 

    November Bond Consideration

    May Bond Proposal - $398,500,000

    Nov. Consideration: $276,022,000

    New schools, HS addition for growth, school renovations, district wide improvements ( playgrounds, technology, buses)

    Bonding Capacity Consideration - months that have passed really makes a difference.

    One of the things that plays a part in the changes is interest rates, in addition to escalated costs.

    Scenario #1 - 

    sold in two installments 

    tax rates would remain at .47

    creates roughly a 2.5 cent step down in 2027-2028

    Leaves some capacity for potential second election in May 2027

    Scenario #2 - $308,110,000

    only picks up $32 million which isn't enough to fund MS or Elem. #9

    Sold in three installments to meet rough project timelines

    - 210 million in August 2023, supports elementary 7 opening 2025 and supports phased LEHS expansion opening beginning in 2024 through 2027

    -66 million in August 2025 -supports elementary 8 opening in 2027

    -32 million in August 2027

    Tax rate would remain at .47

    Difference in capacity numbers is driven by increase in interest rates

    **Scenario #3 - $355,000,000

    Increase tax rate to .50 in 2023-2024

    Picks up an additional $47 million

    **This is not recommended, but something to show the board if there are people who wonder. This is an illustration that by raising the tax rate, we would not be able to get to the $398,500,000 of the original proposal.

    Tax rate projections - 1.41 tax rate - it will be lower

    Estimates for HS #2 (5A)

    • $111,150,000 to $216,840,000
    • - 1,200 - 2,224 students
    • - 190-200 square feet per student is needed. That is 247,000 to 444,800 total sf.
    • - $360-$390 per sf
    • - 100-120 acres
    • three athletic fields
    • 5 +/- acres for detention

    9th Grade Center:

    • $90,000,000 to $111,000,000
    • 1,000-1,200 students
    • 200 square feet per student
    • $360-$370 per sf
    • 30-35 acres
    • - 2 athletic fields
    • - 2.5 +/- acres for detention

    Additional recurring general operating costs for 9th grade center

    $2.8 million on operating budget - 46 teacher salaries and district wide salaries

    Discussion and Questions

    Mr. Gallagher talked about safety and security could be an area that the Long Range Facilities Planning Committee considers to add to the project list.

    adjourned meeting at 8:45

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