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Students Make Hats for Preemies

By Melissa Sosa, Staff Writer

Tiny crocheted hats were made by theatre students to be donated to nearby hospitals for newborn preemie babies. 

Starting in August, theatre groups 1 through 4, along with International Thespian Society and Theatre Productions began crocheting hats for babies born prematurely and will be donated to several hospitals, one being Medical City Children’s Hospital in Dallas. 

“One thing about the preemies is that they have the hardest time keeping their body temperatures up, so they have to have the hats to keep them warm,” said Rita Cox, the theatre director. “For years I’ve done it with my theatre groups out in West Texas, so we’re just keeping the tradition”.

Students could buy their own materials to make the hats, but some materials were also donated to the groups by community members, so everyone has a chance to make some hats.

All four of Cox’s sons were born prematurely, her oldest son was born at 29 weeks, and her second oldest son at 27 weeks.

“When my sons were in the hospital, my first son was there for 2 and a half months, my other son was there for 3 months, and these ladies would come in and bring their little beanies that they would knit for them and the nurses told me that people do that,” said Cox. “So when I became a teacher that was something we wanted to do as community service.”

Now, during the current pandemic, the ongoing tradition will be a bit different, but theatre would not let COVID-19 ruin their tradition.

“For Corona, we are disinfecting them and then putting them in individual baggies,” said Cox, over the pandemic interfering with the tradition. “So when we do deliver them, parents feel a little bit more safe”.

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