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Last Performance on the Field for Seniors

By Celeste Montoya

Staff Reporter

October 6, was the last time the LEHS Band performed their marching show for this year, but for seniors, it was their last time performing on the field as Lobos.

Last Friday was the final time LEHS Band and Color Guard members had to attend the football game to perform their halftime for the year, except for the seniors. 

“My heart just breaks ,“ Jacqueline Guardado, member of the LEHS Color Guard for 4 years, said, “because this is going to be the last time I’m performing with my friends under the name of the Little Elm Color Guard“

The Little Elm Color Guard had their winter season cut short earlier in 2020 because of COVID-19. The Guard was supposed to go to Dayton, Ohio for the World Finals, but it was canceled due to the virus. During the season the Guard did make first place in every competition they were able to compete in.

“Coronavirus really cut our winter and marching band seasons short,” Guardado said, “We were only able to go to 3 of the football games and I feel like I didn’t get closure on my senior year.”

This year alone has been very different from any other school year. Seniors have been trying to have the most ordinary senior year they could possibly have. For example, being able to go to the football games.

“COVID-19 made our practices shorter and really limited the amount of shows we could perform.” Alexander Wainwright, section leader and member of the band for 4 years, said. “It was a shame that we could only perform at only 3 out of the 10 football games.”

This year seniors are really struggling to have a normal senior year and enjoy every moment they could be enjoying, if it weren’t for them getting canceled or having a lot of restrictions.

“I’m definitely going to miss the marching band competitions,” Guardado said. "Because you got to watch other bands perform and a lot of different story lines throughout the day with their marching band shows.”

The LEHS Band usually hosts their own band competition at the Little Elm ISD Athletic Complex called, “The Classic on the Lake”, but this year it was unfortunately canceled due to COVID-19.

“One of my favorite memories I have is when we were doing our traditional “rollercoaster,” where we pretend like we’re on a rollercoaster in the bleachers and we wave our arms around and scream and we’re all over the place acting crazy,” Wainwright said. “But then this one time, someone bumped into me and I flew down 2 flights of bleachers.”

Band and Color Guard is an amazing way to make unforgettable memories and make long-life friends. Bonding with people over being nervous to perform, but comforting each other.

“I had a bittersweet feeling on the field during my last performance,” Guardado said. "It felt like some weight was lifted from my shoulders knowing I won’t get the anxiety and nervousness before any performance ever again, but at the same time it was overwhelming knowing this was going to be my last time performing in front of my hometown.”