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Cross Country Finishes the Year With Runner At Regionals

  By Hannah Kennington, Staff Reporter 

  Cross Country season has officially ended all except for junior Jason Alcala.   On November 10 Alcala traveled to Lubbock to run in the regionals race at Mae Simmons Park. 

  Alcala is one of the fastest boys on the varsity cross-country team at Little Elm High School.  His fastest time this year was 16 minutes and 14 seconds for a 5,000 meter race in Prosper.  And now he is the first person ever in Little Elm History to compete in the 6A regional’s race.  

  Overall Cross-Country has had a great season this year, even with Covid pushing back the meets and having to wear masks, the athletes still persevered in their races. This year almost every cross-country athlete has hit a PR (personal record) in their races. 

   The personal record is the best time an athlete has run. This record is very important in cross-country, because it’s not about what place you get it in the race, it’s about whether or not they did better than their last run. And it helps tie in to what they need to do to improve themselves for their next race.  

   “Yes, I do think this was a good season this year’, said Head Coach Kirk Johnson, “but there is still room for improvement. “

   This year has been one of the craziest years in history. Even though the rough season, the  athlete’s performances in their races were great, even if they had to be cautious and follow the safety precautions. 

 “Covid did present challenges, but once we put down the procedures and protocols in place, everything was fine.” Said Head Coach Kirk Johnson.