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Sophomore Earns Service Award

By Destinee Jones

Staff Reporter

The Presidential Award is presented every year  to students who helped the community not only to better themselves but to better the town as well. This year one of the Presidential Awards went to Joseph Passerelle. 

Passerelle was given the award because of his outstanding service to the community. Joseph was asked how he felt about getting the award, “I was very excited, I didn’t know when I was going to get it after I had received the email. I didn’t know how to respond but I was extremely grateful. I was exhilarated and I was speechless.”

Passerelle put in 176 hours of community service in the past year.

“At first I needed something to pass time, and the longer I did it the more and more I got involved and started to enjoy it more,” Joseph said. He is a part of a youth group in Sigma Beta. 


In order to be able to qualify for the presidential award you have to have a certain amount of volunteer hours than the others. Joseph was asked if he likes doing community service and his response was, “ Yes, I like the fact that I am helping people, and that something I do matters.”