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Students Return To School

By Avery Matthews, Staff Reporter

At-home learners are back to school after a long time waiting. Whether it was a whole semester or just for the quarter they are embracing being around people and finding it easier to be more productive.

This school year at Little Elm high school students had the choice of in-school learning or at-home learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now that students are in the second semester of this year many kids have made the switch to at-school learning.

“I switched from online to in-school, because I had some classes where I was struggling trying to understand the content,” Aisha Urooj, sophomore said.

“Coming to school also helped me to be more social, and feeling more productive," said Urooj.

"Being in extracurriculars and an online learner meant having to commute from home to school throughout the day, and if kids couldn’t they, unfortunately, had to postpone being apart of them,"

Sophomore, Adrianna McClellin said she is looking forward to playing tennis and hopefully joining choir again.

In addition, other classes like tech theater, choir, and culinary require online students to come to school.

“Some challenges I faced was not having that teacher figure there when I needed help with a specific question,” Urooj said. “And just not fully understanding the content.

At the end of the quarter if students wish to switch from in-school to online or vise versa they can with their parent’s permission.

Urooj’s first few days have been good. As of right now, and is planning on staying in-school throughout the rest of this year.