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Meet the new Counselor for CIS

By Melissa Sosa, Staff Reporter

LEHS’ CIS room is above the library, in Room 2229, where you can find snacks, school supplies, or support from Eugenia Guerrero, the brand new CIS coordinator.

Communities In Schools, or CIS, is a non-profit organization that helps students with school or at-home problems, and keep them motivated for success.

Guerrero graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work, and a minor in Human Development and Family Science. She used to be an Education major, and did some internship hours in the CIS UNT Math program, where she was first introduced to CIS.

When COVID-19 happened, her original internship agency was no longer taking interns.

“Luckily, CIS was open to have me intern with them and from there on out I fell in love with the work that Site Coordinators do on campus.” said Guerrero about having to find a new internship to finish college. “I knew after my internship was over that at some point in my career I would want to be involved with CIS and what they do for students and families.”

This will be Guerrero’s first time being a CIS Site Coordinator as she is fresh out of college. She hopes to keep the program running as smoothly as it has been, thanks to past coordinators, and add some of her own ideas.

“I hope to bring extra support, resources and services to the students and families of LEHS so that students can succeed, stay in school, graduate and achieve in life.” said Guerrero. “I also hope to be of support and assistance to our LEHS faculty and staff in order to fulfill our goal of seeing students succeed.”

CIS coordinators do a lot of work around the school, helping students with whatever they may need and even bringing outside resources from the community to allow students to be successful. High school is not easy, and having CIS at school helps get through it.

“Growing up I faced a lot of problems in my school, personal and social life that high school felt so difficult all around, but my junior year our school got a new college counselor who became my mentor.” said Guerrero. “The impact that she had on me inspired me to want to do the same for other students. She truly gave me hope and helped me became the person that I am today.”