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LEHS College Fair 2020

by Alexander Wainwright, LEHS Student
September 16, 2020

At-Home Learner attending virtual college fair This year’s fall college fair sponsored by our Little Elm High School DECA chapter was a unique experience for our juniors and seniors. In past years, both gyms have been filled with over 130 colleges and students would interact with recruiters in person. This year, the colleges could not come to us so we went to them virtually. Every junior and senior was given the chance to attend the virtual college fair and visit over 150 colleges.

Even though some students were disappointed that they couldn’t interact with the college admissions representatives, most students were thankful for the opportunity. One student said, “I liked this college fair better than last year because it wasn't as chaotic and I got to look at colleges with my particular interests. I rarely research colleges on my own time so this was a good use of my time and I will continue to keep these colleges in mind”. Another student said, “This year, the college fair was really different, and even though it didn't help as much as last year, it wasn't that bad. There was no confusion, and you could quickly find the colleges you were interested in. There were a lot of options to choose from and they all gave good and interesting information”. 

The officers of Little Elm DECA, an association of marketing students took the opportunity to thank all of the staff with their favorite gift, donuts. While students were attending the fair, the officers delivered a complimentary treat to every teacher and staff member. 

Handing out Donuts