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Around the Pictures: November 6

November 6, 2020

LEHS Band Boo Bowl

The Little Elm High School Lobo Band had their annual Boo Bowl on Friday night at Lobo Stadium. Band members dressed in costume to perform their halftime routine and special spooky music!


Voting at Prestwick

Prestwick Elementary students had the opportunity to vote on Election Day! Students learned about Election Day and experienced it while they voted for their favorite lunch plate, most important core value to them, and favorite subject in school! See more pictures on Prestwick's Facebook page.


Strike vs Walker Football

Strike Lobos vs. Walker Lobos: The Strike Middle and Walker Middle School Football teams faced off Monday night at at Lobo Stadium! The Walker 8A, 7A, and 7B teams won and the Strike 8A team won.


DECA Food Bank Check

Little Elm High School's DECA Student Association took a different approach to the One Hand Can Food Drive this year. The promoted their theme of 'Cash or Cans, Food or Funds' and encouraged students and staff to donate cash or canned food. The high school was able to contribute 1900 cans and more than $1,400 to the Little Elm Area Food Bank! On Monday, DECA President Anabella Riatti and DECA Advisor Rodger Hutley presented the check to Food Bank Executive Director Dewayne Brawner.


Brent Artists of the Month

Brent At-Home Artists of the Month

Brent Elementary celebrated both their In-School and At-Home Artists of the Month! Follow @BrentElementary on Facebook.


Chavez Science

Chavez Elementary fourth grade students conducted a force in motion lab with pumpkin movers! See more pictures on Chavez's Facebook page.


Oak Point 50th Day of School

Oak Point Elementary In-School and At-Home Learners dressed up for the 50th day of school on Wednesday. See more pictures on Oak Point's Facebook page.


Prestwick Food Drive

Prestwick Elementary showed off their collection for the One Hand Can Food Drive benefiting the Little Elm Area Food Bank. Thank you to all the families who donated this year!


Superintendent Gallagher

Brent Elementary fourth grade students didn't just have any substitute teacher on Friday, they had Superintendent Daniel Gallagher teach their class for the day. Mr. Gallagher showed up to help our at Brent Friday morning and he was put to work as a substitute in a fourth grade class for the day. #StrongerTogether