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Pushing Through It: Preparing Students for College During Pandemic

November 13, 2020

SFa and Instant Decision day with students

This year is like no other. It's the common first sentence you may hear to any one's story, really. And it proves to be challenging for anyone, especially in public education where the main focus is to educate and prepare students for their future. Keisha Brown, District College Readiness coordinator will tell you that when you talk to any college or university, everyone is scaling back. "Colleges just aren't having face-to-face meetings any more. It is rare that it happens right now," she said.

For Brown's Instant Decision Days, which is typically an in-person event between admissions representatives and students interested in that university, one out of three universities who particpated in the fall event held it virutally.
"This has been a year where we have all had to figure out creative ways to keep our programs going for our students," said Brown. 
Recently, Stephen F. Austin University for the first time since March, visited Little Elm High School to surprise 11 LEHS students on their instant acceptance into that school. Earler in the school year, Texas Tech University, the pioneer of the program with LEHS since 2015, surprised three students in person. LEHS was the first high school in north Texas that TTU has visited since March. The University of North Texas held its Instant Decision Day virutally and surprised eight students.
"We are doing what we need to do to keep our programs going. Time is something we don't get back. These kids are graduating, even during a pandemic," said Brown. "We are fortunate our university partners continue to support our students as we push through these challenging times."
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