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LEHS Chamber Choir Singers Find Innovative Way to Perform

December 11, 2020

Through this extraordinary year, finding moments for normalcy is refreshing. Bryce Lewis, Little Elm High School Choir co-director, said finding a normal way for vocal performances have had its challenges. But with the use of technology, it created an exciting opportunity for many students.

Recently, the Chamber Choir Singers created a music video in collaboration with audio and video production students at different locations in Little Elm. The Chamber choir is made up of 20 of the most advanced singers and musicians. They sing a wide variety of repertoire that can range from Queen to traditional Renaissance.

The piece featured in the music video is a traditional yoik from the Sami people in Northern Europe. The song may sound familiar because it was also featured at the beginning of the Disney movie, Frozen. 

Hailey Adams, LEHS choir director, and Lewis were first inspired from a BYU performance they had seen and wanted to see if they could do something similar. “We approached Jeff Leinenkugel, video teacher, with the idea and he said "Let's do it," said  Lewis. “So he and his students filmed, directed, and produced it. We took a day to film in different Little Elm locations like the beach, football stadium, and the park. We all wanted to feature the things that make Little Elm, Little Elm.”

Fernanda Huerta, a junior video student and choir member, edited the piece together. “We appreciate her hard work and dedication to this project. It was a great collaboration with the video students,” said Lewis.

"At the beginning of the year, I was scared that choir wasn't going to be fun because of all the COVID restrictions, but now we've been able to do stuff like this,” shared Malak Ahmed, LEHS junior. “So far this year, we have had professional audio recordings done and a music video made. These are all new experiences that I'm excited we got to share with each other. We're being innovative and creating new traditions." 

Watch the music video