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Around the Pictures: April 2

April 2, 2021

 Brent Students

Mrs. Moore's first grade class at Brent Elementary won the Golden Ticket this week for being Determined to improve their reading through extra practice in Lexia - some students have more than 100 minutes per week in Lexia! Follow @BrentElementary on Facebook.


Chavez Fourth Grade Students

Chavez Elementary fourth grade students worked together to show how energy flows through the ecosystem by creating food chains, food webs, and participating in a food web energy game. See more pictures on Chavez's Facebook page.


Strike Choir

Walker Choir

Congratulations to both the Strike and Walker Middle School's Bel Canto Choirs for earning the highest ratings in the UIL Sight Reading Contest! Follow @LEISDFineArts on Twitter.


Hackberry Appreciation Station

Hackberry Elementary's 'Appreciation Station' visited staff throughout the campus Thursday delivering Peeps Smores. See more pictures on Hackberry's Facebook page.


PRestwick Staff Appreciation

Prestwick Elementary administrators showed their love for their staff on Thursday! See more pictures on Prestwick's Facebook page.